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Flower box "White elegy"

From: 60.00
The size of the bouquet and the number of flowers in it depends on the size of the chosen bouquet.

Flower box "Passionate bouquet"

From: 50.00
This composition is suitable for expressing deep feelings and emotions, for example as a gift for a loved one on Valentine's Day or a birthday.

Flower box "Tenderness"

From: 50.00
The white flowers and greenery give the box a fresh and light feel, while the pink alstroemeria adds softness. The perfect gift for someone who appreciates simplicity and beauty in life.

Flower box "Orange and green symphony"

From: 50.00
The colours and textures of each flower in this composition create a vibrant and varied symphony of sounds that add energy and joy to the composition. This

Flower box "Romantic Elegy"

From: 50.00
This composition creates a romantic mood with its soft and delicate colours, floral combination and subtle composition. The

Flower box with candies "Golden sunset"

From: 50.00
The colours of these flowers are reminiscent of a sunset, giving the composition an atmospheric and delicate feel. This is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys warm and cosy moments in life.