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Flower basket "White flowers in a basket"

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The flower basket consists of delicate white lilies, white orchids and red roses for a soft and elegant look. The composition is complemented with

Flower basket "Yellow-red mix with orchid"

From: 50.00
The basket contains beautiful yellow and red roses, chrysanthemums and elegant green orchids, which combine beautifully in this striking composition.

Flower basket "Moon Garden"

From: 50.00
The Moon Garden Flower Basket is a delicate arrangement of orchids, roses, chrysanthemums, exotic flowers and berries. Its light pink and

Flower basket "The thrill of love"

From: 45.00
The name of the flower basket "The Rapture of Love" reflects the deep feelings and romance of this flower basket. Salmon roses, purple lisianthus and

Flower basket "Orchid Harmony"

From: 50.00
A basket of purple and white roses, white orchids and greenery is an elegant combination of colours and textures. This

Flower basket "Pink dance"

From: 45.00
"Pink Dance" is the name, reflecting the combination of pink tones in this basket of flowers with elements of green. It might be reminiscent of a delicate dance

Flower basket "Solar radiation"

From: 50.00
The brightness and warmth of the floral arrangements - yellow orchids and orange roses - create a bright, sunny mood. Vanda, usually associated with tropical lands, adds

Flower basket "Green Morning"

From: 45.00
"Green Morning - this name emphasises the presence of green orchids and alstroemeria in the flower basket and can also be associated with freshness